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LickPawty Nuzzle Mat

LickPawty Nuzzle Mat

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Does your pup eat too fast?

No cap, you're not alone! This can lead to scary stuff like choking and - big yikes - serious twisting of your pup's tummy, a preventable emergency!

But, we gotchu, fam ﹣ with the LickPawty Nuzzle Mat, you can help slow down munching and keep your pupper vibin' and thriving!


Introducing the ultimate snack mat that's lowkey the coolest thing for your pup! 🎉

🎨 Icy Colors – Swipe through our five vibey colors to flex your pup’s unique flair. Turn heads and make 'em say "That's lit!"

🧁 Snack & Vibe ﹣ Curated spots for sniffin' and lickin' – hide those treats and spread that wet food and see your pup get hyped!

🐾 Healthy Munchin' – More than just food; it's about having a whole mood at mealtime. Let your fur baby enjoy each bite mindfully!

💧 On point Design ﹣ Rockin’ both a water bowl and a slow munch bowl. And yep, we got those suction cups for extra stick!

🚚 No cap, we're offering our Free Ship Promise - Get your puppers goodies dropped without spending a dime! No need for extra hustle

Ready to elevate mealtime vibes? Slide the LickPawty Nuzzle Mat into your bag and you’ll have your doggo bussin’ at munch-time!


  • Size – 15.75 x 10.43 x 1.57 inches
  • Material – Silicone

How To

Yo Pawrents! 🐾🔥

Dive into this guide and get ready to send your pup's playtime vibes high

1. Slow Munch Bowl 🐾
  • Drop your pup's go-to dry food into this bowl
  • They'll vibe with every bite and munch at the chillest pace

2. Nuzzle Area 🍃

  • Stash some kibble or treats under the leaves
  • Snack hunt mode: ACTIVATED 🚀

3. Easy Cleanup 🧽

  • Playtime's over? Slide it into the dishwasher or give it a gentle hand wash with a mild soap
  • And yo, avoid the heavy-duty stuff like bleach, including detergents with the heavy-duty stuff!

4. Hydration Station 💧

  • Pour some H2O into the water bowl—either with a cup or a mini pitcher
  • Gotta keep that pup hydrated and vibin' 24/7

5. Lick Area 👅

  • Spread your pup's all-time fave wet food or any dog-friendly spread
  • A taste trip they'll be totally here for!

Quick Notes:

  • Safety First! 🛑
    • Always keep an eye out during playtime—gotta make sure your pupper's good
    • Give the mat a once-over now and then. No worn-out zones allowed!
  • Mix and Match 🎨
    • Swap out the treats and spreads in the Lick and Nuzzle Areas —keep it fresh and keep 'em guessing
    • Because hey, new day, new flavor vibes!

Glow-up with the Nuzzle Mat, and keep those pawsitive vibes rolling! 🐶✨

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