Who We Are

What's good, FetchFam? 🐾

We're all about that #ZoomieLife over here at FetchFreaks! Unleashing the Zoomies of our homies and spreading pure, unfiltered joy is the vibe - it's legit imprinted in our doggy DNA!

We're the HQ for all things tail-wagging, tongue-drooping, and non-stop zoommm. Whether we’re talkin’ fetch or furr-ociously epic tug-of-war showdowns, we’ve got the drip that transforms your regular playdates into legendary escapades.

Becoming a FetchFreak isn’t just a choice, it’s embracing a lifestyle where paws, peeps, and play collide in the most epic way possible!

Welcome To FetchFreaks!


At FetchFreaks, our mission is to redefine playtime for pups everywhere by curating a selection of trendy toys and accessories that encourage active living and create unbreakable bonds between pups and their humans.

Some emoji’s on our site are licensed from Twitter under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.