Yo, do you guys back your gear with a warranty?
Yo, we're ride or die with our products. FetchFreaks swag comes with a legit warranty - one year, no cap. Something seems off? Hit us up. We'll scope it out and get your floof back to living their best #ZoomieLife Peep here for deets and exclusions.

When's my pupper's haul gonna drop?
Keep it chill, fam! We hustle hard to ship your goods faster than your doggo can snag a treat! We pack and ship in 1-3 biz days (weekends and holidays are for catching Z's, ya feel?). After that, our shipping squad’s got it, and you'll be unboxing the goods within 7-14 days. Plus, we'll fetch you those tracking deets

Peep here for deets.

What's the 411 on returns?
So here's the tea... We're still leveling up our returns. If your item’s got you side-eyeing, holla at us - we’re all about making things right. Stick with us, we won’t leave you hangin'

Peep here for deets.

Is shipping on the house or what?
Absolutely! Shipping's on us, fam – no playin'. Every FetchFreaks order ships out free. Zero tricks, zero spend threshold – just pure, undiluted joy comin' at ya!

Break it down for me, what's this 'No Games - Just Fetch' vibe?
Aight, here's the scoop: 'No Games - Just Fetch' is our pinky promise to keep it 💯 with you. Transparent pricing? Check! No shipping fees? Double-check! Taxes included? You bet! It's our fist bump guaranteeing a smooth ride from browse to checkout - no games, all play, 'cause that's how the FetchFreaks roll!

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