How to Keep Your Furry BFF Chillin' with the Christmas Tree

Yo ho ho, woof woof woof! Let's be real, our furry fam can get a lil' cray-cray around the Christmas tree. Fear not, pawsome peeps, cuz I'm here to drop some knowledge bombs on how to keep your pup chillin' with the festive cheer.

First things first, fa-mil-iar-i-ty. Let your pup get familiar with that tree before it's decked out like a disco ball. Once they realize it's not a giant chew toy, they'll be less likely to go bonkers when it's all sparkly and jingly. Think of it as pre-gaming for the main event.

Speaking of the main event, let's secure that tree. Sturdy base? Check. Anchors to the wall or ceiling? Double check. And keep your doggo away from that tree water… It can leave ‘em feeling sick and require a trip to the vet.

Now, let's talk bling bling. Ditch the glass ornaments and other delicate ornaments. And for the love of doggo treats, no tinsel! That stuff is harmful for our puppers. And ditch those sharp ornament hooks; zip ties and twine are your BFFs here.

Keep those distraction toys on deck. Puzzle toys like Pawzzle Pounce or treat stuffing toys like Trippy Fetch filled with your doggos favorite spread are your friend. They'll be so busy they won't even notice the tree.

But hey, sometimes you gotta keep ‘em away when you’re away. Use baby gates or playpens to create a no-tree-zone when you're not around. Think of it as a VIP area...for you and your sanity. A crate is also a safe space away from the Christmas craziness, where your pup can snooze and dream of endless belly rubs.

Don't forget the cord chaos. Hide those wires like they're Santa's secret stash of milk and cookies. Use gaffer tape to cover those wires on the floor and secure loose wires on the tree using zip ties. No chewed cords, no shocked pups, just holiday cheer all around.

Finally, keep that floor clean and sweep up those pine needles and fallen ornaments. Less mess, less temptation to nom on something they shouldn't.

Oh, and those presents? Hide them. Like, wayyyy over there. Especially the ones that smell like treats or have suspiciously crinkly wrapping paper. We don't need any pre-Christmas gift-ripping meltdowns, do we?

By following these tips, you can have a lit Christmas with your furry bestie by your side. Remember, it's all about creating a pawsitive experience for everyone. Now go deck the halls and spread the good vibes (and maybe a few extra belly rubs)!

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