At FetchFreaks, we're not playing around—well, actually, we are! We're reshaping the playtime game, spotlighting the sickest stuff that screams active living. Plus, we're here to strengthen that unbreakable bond between pups and their fam.

Join the revolution; it's a vibe! 🌀🐶

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  • Straight-Up Pricing

    We keep it real with our prices – no play here. The price you see is what you pay, with the after tax estimate laid out right below. No surprises, just straight-up facts.

  • Free Delivery

    We're not just fetchin' the ball, we're bringing it all the way home. Your pup's goodies are arriving at your den with zero extra fees. That's our flex!

  • Jacob H.

    This LickPawty Nuzzle Mat is a legit game changer for my doggo! 🐶🔥 He's totally vibing with his meals now, taking his sweet time and actually enjoying every single bite - like he’s on a fun food hunt or something. It’s a big YEP from us! #PawrentApproved #HappyPup #FetchFreaksStan

Skateboarding skills? Sunnies with style?

Become FetchFreaks’ next TOP PUP! Join our squad and let’s UNLEASH THE ZOOMIES together! 🐾 #FetchFreaksFam

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